Customer Service 


Phone: 870-272-8200 (Phone calls only) Available during working business hours 8am-8pm. If you're calling outside of these hours we will get back to you ASAP. Weekends we check emails only once so please be patient for a customer service representative to get back to you in working hours or simply call our phone line for help asap.

Messages sent on Instagram or Facebook will be directed to the email above as those platforms are not used for customer service.

We have a strict KINDNESS policy, if you expect us to go above and beyond and provide great customer service, we need a kind customer on the other end of that line. Rude emails will NOT be tolerated or even answered. We LOVE our customer service process and getting to provide you with a real person behind the phone and email. We would LOVE to keep providing amazing customer support so it takes all of us in the world to provide kindess! We appreciate you and will do whatever we can for you!

Delivery Times/Dispatch Times

After your order has been placed you will receive a few emails from us. The first letting you know we've received your order, the second with your tracking number after we print orders for the day. Shipping times depend on the type of shipping you chose at check out. Right now our shipping times are 7-10 business days delivery to door. If you've chosen VIP shipping then your order will be moved in front of all other orders. If you need something special, just CALL our live customer service and we will be happy to help!

Our facility operates Monday-Friday during standard business hours EXCEPT on national holidays at which time the warehouse will be closed. In these instances, we take steps to ensure shipment delays will be kept to a minimum. However, your order may also be held an extra few days in our rerigerated warehouse instead of being held over the holiday at a UPS warehouse which has unregulated temperatures.

Refund/Return Policy

Twisted Dough has a NO return, NO money back guarantee policy. This is a STRICT policy and you authorizing payment through our portal will say YOU alone are approving to try this product. Twisted Dough will not accept returns and issue refunds due to a change of mind or not liking the flavor/texture of the product.

We will NOT accept a threatening email of claiming a false charge as you approved and signed off on the payment, we will also turn you in as a fraudulent checkout which goes for all shopping online and send your signed approved charge straight to the bank you are claiming. We have a zero tolerance policy for rude emails or calls. If you are not being kind we will NOT respond. We can only bring goodness to this world by putting it back out, even when conversatoins may be hard. Remember we LOVE our customers and do anything WE CAN to help.

We have been in business since 2020 and understand this item may not be for everyone and we thank you so much for supporting our company even just once. Remember this when trying: It is a protein based item, no sugar, no gluten, and very low fat additives (which we all love and help inmprove taste.) This product is an alternitive for desserts out there except PACKED with protein. We of course hope you will try our product, it is always best to buy 1 to try and spend that shipping verse get a whole package you do not. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTIONS OF PRODUCTS AS THEY ARE ACCURATE SO YOU HAVE A GREAT IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE GETTING.

Can I cancel my order?

Due to the nature of our business, the production schedule, and the items we need to have on hand to create the doughs, we are unable to cancel your order after it has been placed. This includes refunds. Our ordering process is a multi-step process, and designed purposefully to eliminate incorrect, or orders made by mistake. By submitting your order, you are agreeing to these terms, and understand these conditions and this allows us to keep our FRESH HAND MADE PRODUCT daily to fill orders as quickly as possible.

If you've ordered and you are going out of town we can hold your order until you're able to be home to receive it but you must reach out to our customer service email ASAP so that we can get you properly taken care of.

Damaged Product?

If your was damaged no worries, we have partnered with Route (add the app or use the email below to claim a lost or damage. Route will require a picture documentation of the damage and packaging so be sure to get those. Please do NOT demand a refund as our protocol states through Route & UPS we must replace the item first. Our customers mean the world to us and we will make sure YOU are taken care of because you are our pride and joy, just be PATIENT. Please read the below of the damage item as well for details of what we "claim a damage" You must have route protection to have your package covered.

Who is Route:
We introduced Route to our checkout and shipping process - now every order placed through our online store has the option to receive premium package protection and tracking services from Route. Adding Route's Green Package Protection to your order at the checkout means that your order is protected against loss, damage, or theft while in transit to you.

Route is also a platform that allows you to visually track all of your online orders in one place. Whether you’re tracking via the Route App or online, Route’s real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery. ADD THE APP ITS AMAZING!

Instructions for damage:
Please send photos of how your dough was received. Make sure to use good lighting to show the damage of the product. Send all photos to our email with the name you ordered under and your order number. One of our team members will work to file a claim with Route. Once a claim is filed a new ticket for shipment is sent to us within 24 hours.  

No Route? If you opted out of the Route app then we will need you to take pictures of the product you received (show the damage) so that we can work on getting you a new item, we can do this one time only and next time Route will be required as it is your insurance policy for your goodies!

We have a strict KINDNESS policy, if you expect us to go above and beyond and provide great customer service, we need a kind customer on the other end of that line. Rude emails will NOT be tolerated or even answered. We LOVE our customer service getting to provide you with a real person behind the phone and email and to keep doing so it takes all of us in the world to provide kindess!

Incorrect Order or Missing Item

If missing an item please contact customer service within 24 hours after arrival please take a picture of the items in your box and the packing slip in your box. We put a code identifier on it to know what was in there and where errors occur. Please send these photos to our email with you order number and the name you ordered under. Email:

Cracked Lid? My Seal is not down?

If you have a cracked lid please know there is a seal under the lid that also acts as a second lid to ensure the safety of your item long with your packing of the box and safety seal. Please do NOT demand a refund as our protocol states through Route & UPS we must replace the item first. The seal being down is NOT a damage as that just happens when moisture gets around the lid which occurs in shipping. You simply freeze the product to preserve and put in fridge overnight to thaw! Our customers mean the world to us and we will make sure YOU are taken care of because you are our pride and joy, just be PATIENT and follow the steps so we can best serve you. We have a strict KINDNESS policy, if you expect us to go above and beyond and provide great customer service, we need a kind customer on the other end of that line. Rude emails will NOT be tolerated or even answered. We LOVE our customer service getting to provide you with a real person behind the phone and email and to keep doing so it takes all of us in the world to provide kindess!

We are happy to help with an incorrect order. Please see below what we need BEFORE emailing in. If you contact us outside of the 24 hour mark of delivery, any issues are outside of our control and are no longer our responsibility. Please understand that you are ordering a food product, and while we do everything we can to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, in pristine condition, there are things that happen outside of our control once it leaves our facility, and we expect our customers to cooperate with us in remedying these issues as they come up. If you email and get no response, it is your responsibility to follow up by email. Remember emails can glitch so please call our customer service phone 870-761-1714.

Your package should be sealed by the UPS envelope inside your package that you ripped open. Inside of your package, you may find unpacked UPS envelopes, used for cushioning of the package. Also, if your seal is not ALL the way down that DOES NOT MEAN your dough was open. Each seal can come up once initially opening and turning the lid or small amount of liquid also getting under it. You have 2 points of safety on your package being 1) The box will be taped on the outside that YOU must have opened and 2) The packaged envelope on the inside is a one time seal so you would KNOW if your package was open. We will not replace orders with the dough seal barely open on a package. Please contact us with any questions as our customers mean the world to us!

If seal on your dough is not down this could mean that you've lost a little bit of shelf life. You would want to put it in the freezer if not consuming with in 10 days here and lay out over night in fridge. It is a good possibly that your safety seal may not be down onto the jar as variables of how tight the lid is or the adhesive does not get quite as hot, this is because this could ruin or scorch your product. Remembering, this is all done by hand in our facility. This means you may want to stir and refrigerate but if you have any further questions about your order please call our customer service number, 870-272-8200. Also, 2oz jars do not have a seal at this time. The 2oz lids have a foam liner in them, instead of a seal. The foam will stay in the lid, and it will not need to be pealed off the jar.

Did my order arrival normal? It is warm...

Your order will arrive the temperature it is outside. We recommend that you CHECK YOUR DOUGH before putting your order in the refrigerator or freezer upon arrival. If your lid is cracked or dough is shaken around this could be due to rough handling of UPS and we sincerely apologize, this is NOT how it leaves our facility It may have settled during transit so we encourage stirring it up so that it can have a chance to return to perfect consistency. Please place in fridge upon arrival. Your dough is good 15 days in fridge or please FREEZE. If you live in what we call "hot states" (Alabama, Arizona, Florida, California, Texas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Georgia, Mississippi) your product needs to be eaten within 15 days or FROZEN. We do mandate you check your product at arrival to ensure its safety especially if you have not monitored its time in transit. With summer months at the hottest ever and UPS delaying packages, we encourage you to just call with any questions. We will require you have checked your product and have called in within 24 hours of your package arriving. 870-272-8200.

Why do you need my email?

BECAUSE WE GIVE YOU FREE SHIPPING ONCE A MONTH! -->IT PROVIDES YOUR TRACKING--CHECK SPAM!!! We ask that you include your email address (one that you actually monitor) with your order so we can reach out to you with ANY questions. While you may think you entered your address perfectly, our shipping system may say otherwise. If we run into an issue with your address, product or order in ANY way, we need to be able to get in touch with you quickly to remedy the situation. We ask that you monitor the email address you provided in case of any issues during production and shipment. Failure to monitor or respond to the emails we send asking for response may result in your order being delayed.

My order appears wet?

Your product may arrive wet (or appear wet) depending on the temperature of your location as we ship frozen product and it can cause moisture to your box. There is no need for concern if this happens. Please open the order and check the contents of the dough to make sure they appear okay. If they do not, please reach out to us via email within 24 hours of receipt and follow damage item protocol above.

Why won't my discount code work?

There are a couple of reasons that your discount code wouldn't work, but the most common reason is that a discount is already applied to your order. If an automatic discount (one set by the store) is applied, discount codes cannot be added. Additionally, you cannot "stack" discount codes (meaning, you cannot combine both a free shipping code AND ambassador code to the same order.)

Another reason that you're not able to add your discount code is that it may be an expired or discontinued code. Please double-check that the code you are using is valid, and the conditions of the code are met (for example, if the minimum order is 3 doughs, and you only have 2 in your cart) and make sure you don't have any items in your order that are not included in the discount (if whipped doughs are excluded, you cannot apply a discount code to an order containing whipped doughs.)

I forgot to add my discount code at checkout, can you apply it now?

Unfortunately, due to using a third party payment processing system, once your order has been submitted, we are unable to apply discount codes, and/or refund the difference in the cost. Please make sure to add your discount codes at checkout. We understand that this can be frustrating, so please make sure to check your discount code before hitting submit!

When can I expect my order?

We make fresh batches each daily, and begin production immediately after receiving orders. Due to the volume of our orders, as well as the ever-changing nature of the shipping industry, we adjust our timeframe for shipping accordingly. We aim to have your order shipped out within a week of order, and we ship via UPS. Shipping schedule below. We pack our orders in batches, so you will receive an email from us with your tracking number, but your order will not leave the facility for a few days after you receive your tracking number. Production and fulfillment time is 7-10 days depending on the type of shipping you chose at checkout to deliver to your door.

If you need to coordinate a time you are home, please get ahold of us on our email, chat box or phone. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE HOME FOR FOOD ARRIVAL. Do not be alarmed if you're not seeing movement for the first couple of days after you've received your tracking number, remember this is production and fulfillment time as we make this product fresh daily. Twisted Dough has zero baking components in it, and will arrive the temperature of outside. Summer= HOT DOUGH Winter+ FROZEN DOUGH.

TO ENSURE EFFICIENCY AND ACCURACY AS WELL AS FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY - WE ONLY SHIP MONDAY-WEDNESDAY IN SUMMER ONLY (May-August) and your product needs to be consumed within 15 days through September ONLY as the heat removes some shelf life. If you are stocking up place what you are not eating in the freezer until ready.

Remember - UPS is closed on the weekends so we do not ship packages Thursday through Sunday to just sit in a UPS HUB all weekend. It is safer to hold the order until Monday in proper temperatures. We are currently in peak times so please be patient and kind and know our phone line is always available to help you. Our customers mean the world to us!

Change of Delivery Address

Please verify your shipment information before submitting your order. Should you notice an error after placing the order, it is your responsibility to contact us AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE so we can attempt to fix the issue before your product ships, we encourage a phone call to our customer service phone number ASAP.

We are unable to resend the products to you if you put the wrong address, and they've already been shipped. UPS and/or Twisted Dough are unable to refund, reimburse or replace orders that have improper or incorrect addresses for delivery.

Where do you ship?

We ship within the 48 contigious states. We are currently unable to ship outside of the United States.

P.O. Box Shipping? 

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes. Please DO NOT include them in your shipping address.

What is VIP shipping

VIP shipping means simply we move your order ahead and ship you first before regular orders. This does not mean we ship you during our non shipping days or hours. We typically have 500 orders each day and this simply puts you ahead and getting your order faster than all others. This typically speeds up your delivery time by 3-5 days! Again, we encourage you follow your tracking sent to each and every email. Please check your spam!

Why is shipping so expensive?

We are a fresh, made to order item made right here in US. Every topping, every ingredient, and every batch are handmade and weighed with your macros in mind. The time into getting orders checked in the shop, distributed in the correct shipping zones, hand plated, packaged, lided and sealed takes labor of 3-5 minutes per package. On top of that, we have to pay UPS for their service which is a minimum of $12-$14 per package for large volume customers. Typically a product like ours costs more because most companies put their shipping price into it... we do not want to do that to our consumers or limit what you are able to buy in certain packs or flavors to make that possible. We would rather you choose how you would like it and just pay UPS.

You can rest easy knowing that we have made every jar with love and made sure we taste test every batch. We want you to love our product as much as we do! So, while shipping may cost a bit more, we know it's worth it, and think you will agree!

Sometimes, vendors (such as large corporate companies) will hurt our shipping costs/abilities/timelines, if you'd like us to hold your order for any reason, please let us know and we'd be happy to do so.

How will my dough arrive/storage and consumption time frame?

Your dough will arrive at whatever the temperature outside is, this means it may arrive warm and or "melted". Know your ice pack will be melted and your dry ice will be gone(summer only). We expect you to open each dough and check to ensure the food product is ok during its travel to you. If you have questions please call 870-272-8200. It is recommended that you *always* stir your dough and put your dough in the refrigerator when you receive it and allow it to cool down before you eat it, for the best experience. We know that it is SUPER tempting to want to eat it right away! Please make sure to refrigerate or store your doughs accordingly (in the freezer). They are good at fridge temp for 15 days normally or just simply freezing to preserve. This is YOUR responsibility!!! Again, if not consuming within 15 days simply freeze and thaw overnight in fridge to enjoy!

Why are there so many envelopes/packs in my box?

Because this is a food product, and is fragile, we make sure to pad your order on all sides when we ship, to avoid damage. Your package will go over several UPS conveyors that weigh more than 2k pounds. Those machines can be rough, so we pad your product with empty UPS padded envelopes or mailers to keep it cozy in transit.

Do you have a vegan option? Keto?

We currently do not.

Does our dough contain gluten?

Nope! All flavors, including toppings, are gluten free. On occassion, we do offer non-gluten free doughs, which are labeled accordingly.

Are your doughs kosher?

Our doughs are not certified Kosher, and the protein products that we use are not certified Kosher either.

How do I know the macros are accurate?

Our cookie dough has been tested by NPAL Laboratories for accuracy. If you need more detailed information, just email

Is dessert dough safe at room temp?

It is safe during its transit time but you will want to place your order in the fridge immediately after checking its arrival. It does have a few day shelf life if you would like to travel with it!

How long does dough last?

Dessert dough lasts about 15 days in the fridge TYPICALLY from ordering and forever in the freezer! In summer or if you live in a hot state 80 degrees and above the product needs to be eaten with in 15 days of arrival or again simply freeze what you are not eating and thaw overnight in fridge when ready to gobble up! Our original dessert doughs are fine to be shipped outside of the fridge but we do ask that you put your dough into the refrigerator as soon as your receive please!

How can I become an Ambassador?

We're so excited you want to join us as an ambassador! We'd love to welcome to you apply here to become an ambassador. Once we receive your application, we can begin review of your application. Please know that we welcome ambassadors from all walks of life, but we DO ask that you've tried our products before.

Can you bake the dough?

Unfortunately, our dough is not bakable due to not having any baking components.

Can you send me free samples?

At this time, we are not able to send free samples of our products. We are small business who handbatches each jar day by day so encourage purchases to keep us scooping you dough!

Do you offer gift cards?

YES! We love the gift of dough! You can order a gift card in each individual product at the bottom of the page!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We do offer a very generous wholesale price - shoot us an email to to inquire.