About Our Owner

Imagine waking up one day to have your dream destroyed by someone else.
It happened to me.  

My name is Rose, In 2015 I started my dream company. From the literal ground up, we started from a local women’s bootcamp and cooking for others. I created a meal prepping company that served clients across the nation. I had locations in two states, 70 employees, and was generating a million dollars a year in sales. I was living my dream of being an entrepreneur that aligned with my passion of fitness and health.  

Then in 2020, I went to bed living my dream and then woke up the next day to discover my CFO and business partner embezzled over $2M from my company and stole everything I had. Someone I trusted took everything from me and left me to pick up the pieces. As I dug deeper and deeper into what happened I began to see that my company had been dealt a financial blow and mental trauma to everyone too big to recover from. I realized that everything I had worked for was too far out of my reach to continue as an owner and operator. I knew that I had to shut down my business that so many people gave up their dreams who believed in mine. When humans experience trauma or severe life stressors it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.

It hit me hard. The blow life had just dealt to me was so much that it dropped me to the mat. As I was laying there, thinking about what I had lost, wondering what I could have done differently, I realized that I was not done. That there was still fight left in me and that I was not done finding my way to achieve my dreams. I wanted to do something to make the world a better place, to make a difference where people could physically and mentally love themselves more, including myself. I fought and went back to work 3 days after losing everything. Crying through each day, with the help of family and friends I was scooping Twisted Dough.

I decided that while life had knocked me down, I was not going to stay down.
That I was going to
Rise up and
Overcome the massive hit life gave me that I had
Survived this and was ready to
Evolve and go after my dreams again. I would and could not fail. This could not be how my entrepreneur experience ended.
I believed in this message so much that I decided to make this my mantra, my ethos, and my mission. To keep moving forward no matter what. This trauma was not going to be the end of my story. ;R.O.S.E

This has led me too today. I am back! I have started my next vision for a company, Twisted Dough. I will not give up until I achieve the goals I have set for myself and for my company. I am passionate about providing the best products possible and customer service experience. About helping people enjoy the process of taking care of their bodies with good, delicious food.

I help create a tasty treat that satisfies your sweet tooth while hitting whatever goals you have in mind, working around the clock to innovate your favorite snacks. I know that my product won’t be for everyone and that’s ok. Our small business is here to support and connect on all levels providing multiple goody pop ups throughout the year including doughnuts, dough cream (protein ice cream),whipped dough, holiday treats and so much more. With my chef and nursing experience for over 10 years, I promise to help find a goody we can all love and enjoy to Dough Better together!

Come with me on this journey! We have some big dreams this year that we could never be complete without you! Shark tank application? Amazon? or 1 retail location? What will happen? Help us make make these small dreams come true. Today these same workers are the ones who endured the shut down of Twisted Foods, worked for free to get ME back on my feet and stuck with me through my trauma to ensure our small town, small business dreams.

Come check out my Vlog over on YouTube (link below) where you can go on the journey with us. See the highs and the lows and meet the people behind the dough.



(psst, twisteddough.org if you wanna try some 😉) You can also hear more about my story and lessons learned from my journey on my podcast over at "Being a Boss" streaming on apple and spotify, also linked below!

And remember, JUST DOUGHT IT!


Love, ;R.O.S.E