Being a Boss

Now several years into owning her protein dough company, Rose is looking for a deeper meaning out of this whole experience. We’ve seen the trauma that she underwent as she’s grown Twisted Dough, and now she’s ready to give back. Take a peak at all of the epic changes coming up for Twisted Dough and its incredibly dedicated owner, Rose Hankins.


Step One: Food and Flowers

Every other month, Rose is asking YOU, our beautiful followers, to choose a person, place, or event that she can give her time to. With food and flowers in hand, Rose aims to visit, help where she can, and get to know our customers at their deepest level – and share a bit about herself in return.


Step Two: At Your Doorstep

Rose and Courtney are bringing something awesome to your doorstep this year – themselves! Each month, our dough girls will be traveling to one of our customers to hand-deliver your order. And they can’t wait to meet y’all in person!


Step Three: Shipping is Shipping

Holy cow, shipping can seem expensive. Don’t worry y’all, we know. Here’s the deal, friends – shipping is an unfortunate cost that we just can’t get out of. However, where other businesses might hide shipping costs in their product prices (or can afford to eat that cost entirely), we believe in being transparent with what you’re paying for, and we will continue to look for the best shipping costs we can get for you. Plus, Rose herself has dedicated one day a month to paying for your shipping (around $2,000!) out of her own pocket – as a treat for our wonderful customers.


Step Four: Dessert Law

Tired of “sharing” all of that delicious dough? Rose has designed a brand new package for your orders that’ll have your friends and family second-guessing that stolen spoonful. With adorable designs and quirky sayings ( I.e. “I licked it so it’s mine”), Rose is so excited to share these with all of you (and help you enjoy every single bite of your favorite doughs).


To wrap things up, Rose has so many hopes for this year – teaching you about entrepreneurship, pouring love into you, meeting all of you, showing you the dirty details of owning a business, and so much more.


Have some ideas about what you’d like to hear from Rose? Leave a comment here or shoot us a DM on instagram, @rosebhankins anytime!