Have your cake and eat it too!

Are you the spoon licker!? Dessert whipper!? Or possibly just the person who needs a dessert following each meal? Don't worry; I am your Dough Lady on all things healthy and dessert. So, let's get to whipping up some delectable recipes weekly and finding those sweet tooth hacks to keep those lbs gone this year! Let's Dough Better TOGETHER in 2022 and be ready for 2023 which is right around the corner!

Have you always wondered how the diet or Instagram coaches get the weight off people!? Ever wanted to know how you could learn those tricks without paying $400 for the diets!? Well, we hope this is your one-stop shop for some free advice, free recipes, tools and just a place you call home as we do. I'm Rose, Owner/CEO of Twisted Dough, where I made a dessert, I like to call "Twisted Dough". I took a dessert I LOVED and re-created it. There are so many possibilities to make things healthy, and sure you may have heard of them, but maybe you have never tried them. So, let's start with some simple facts about desserts that make us gain "unwanted weight."

Sugar-filled (like real sugar, yes)

Loaded with carbohydrates (flour, gluten)

Loaded with fats (butter, oils, eggs)

You are already familiar with these foods that cause unwanted weight but not sure how to eliminate them so let's be sure to get these things tackled in this blog. Life started so many years ago where fats, carbs and sugars were a staple in every meal in the household for cooking. We are still using it these days because habits stick and well, they did a damn good job because they taste good too. These were also staples because they were cheaper items; now this does not seem to be a problem with price fluctuations. So why not make healthier choices and get to better physical and mental health this year? We do not have to eliminate the things we love but replace them with alternatives that make sense. "But Rose, I don't eat sugar alternatives or foods containing ingredients I do not know!?" My only answer to you is that it's either tons of sugar and weight gain with other medical issues such as diabetes and heart issues or its alternative sweets (with yes items we do not know as much) but also taste fine and lead to a better lifestyle all around. This is my lifestyle and how I feel. It is why I teach what I do. I'll be happy to teach you as well!


With over 200 weight loss successes before ever writing up my diet program, this is something I believe you will gain some inner peace with and get behind not giving up all things you love but gaining a new and healthy respected lifestyle. What if I said I could guarantee weight loss or your money back!? Well, first, I don't offer a program you have to pay for, just simple free advice I want to help others with during my lifetime. You see, Twisted Dough was created from the love of food, love of dessert and wanting to be healthy, so along came changing things up, and BOOM, Twisted Dough and nutritious desserts that we ship around the world were created. Here's the top secret of the hour I want you to try this week. Replace any dessert you try and make with the items below.

Flour= replace for protein or ½ flour and ½ protein

Eggs= replace for egg whites

Butter= KEEP! (Just 1-2) A dessert dough not to have many more than that for binding of the dough to occur

Sugar= replace with stevia, monk fruit, or Splenda (all your choice)

And if you do this and need a little help, I'm only a chat box away at https://www.twisteddough.shop

What's next? FREE DIET PLANNING, a FREE consult, a guaranteed formula that will lose you weight every 72 hours or you can call me personally. Follow me @rosebhankins on Instagram or @twisteddoughus as I would love to meet you.