Vegan Dough Mug Cake

#cakeurday #mugcake with Vegan Cookies, Cream, & PB dough

Recipe by Kristina Mathewson @kmathewson_fit

Happy Saturday #cakurday 🍰🎊 made a super simple #mugcake 🍫 I topped mine with @gbutter brownie batter + @servivita_usa syrup + @official_allamericanbutter almond butter and MY FAV @twistedcookiedough vegan cookies&cream PB protein cookie 🍪 dough! 🤗
✨1/2 scoop @bowmar_nutrition hot chocolate protein powder .
✨1 tbsp @allamericannutritioncobrownie butter mix .
✨1 tbsp @allamericannutritionco all purpose mix .
✨2 tbsp dark cocoa powder .
✨1 tbsp coconut flour .
✨1 egg .
✨1 tbsp @vitafiberimo syrup .
✨2 tbsp pumpkin purée .
✨1/4 tsp baking powder .
✨1 square @choczero chocolate square .
✨1-3 tbsp water .
✨mix together all the ingredients (besides the chocolate square) and pour the batter into a small mug. I microwaved mine on power level 5 for 3 minutes. I put my toppings on while it was still warm so it got all gooeyyyy and runny 😋🤪

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