Cookie Monster Mug Cake

Gorgeous mug cake using Vegan Cookies, Cream & Peanut Butter dough

Recipe by Kristina Mathewson @kmathewson_fit

Cookie 🍪 Monster MugCake 💙🎊 the prettier the cake the prettier I am 💁‍♀️😹 #idkaboutthat #ilikeprettycakestho 
✨1/4 cup @pamcakespancakesconfetti pancake mix .
✨2 tbsp @allamericannutritioncoCookie Monster butter mix .
✨2 tbsp coconut flour .
✨1 tsp sugar free vanilla pudding mix .
✨1 tbsp sugar free pancake syrup .
✨3 tbsp eggwhites (I used @muscleegg cake batter) .
✨3 tbsp milk or water .
✨stevia if desired .
✨1/2 tsp baking powder .
✨blue food coloring (optional) .
✨mix together the ingredients and place the batter into a small coffee mug, microwave on power level 5 for 2-3 mins .
✨frosting is @pillsbury sugar free chocolate frosting 🧁 & @official_allamericanbutter almond butter + some crumbed @twistedcookiedough vegan cookies & Pb protein cookie dough! 😍 

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