Brownie Hot Chocolate Bedtime Snack

Brownie Batter Bedtime Treat

Recipe by Ashley Kilmer @akilmer88

Even when I eat dinner in class, I am hungry for something sweet when I get home! Can I get a late night craving amen? Yeah, well I gotchu on this one.

In a world where bed time is 10:30p and the alarm is 5am, quick is what I need.
Not to mention delicious and macro friendly!

Mix together:
33g Oreo Cool Whip 
75g Vanilla Greek @lightandfit 
1/2 scoop @bowmar_nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate
*Top with or mix in* @twistedcookiedough Brownie Batter Cookie Dough (KILMER SAVES YOU 💰)
SF chocolate syrup is optional, but is it really though?

Short. Sweet. Delicious.

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