💥5 Pack Protein Dough Texture Tasting Sampler Pack - 2oz Single Servings
💥5 Pack Protein Dough Texture Tasting Sampler Pack - 2oz Single Servings

💥5 Pack Protein Dough Texture Tasting Sampler Pack - 2oz Single Servings

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Feel the texture and explore the tastes of our Twisted Dough Minis.

This 5 pack includes: Banana Pudding, Strawberry Cake, Oatmeal Craisin Chip, PB&J, and Snickerdoodle Cookie.

Experience the guilt-free, protein-rich, gluten-free snack that is so satisfying you won't believe it's good for you!

Each 2 oz jar has 20 grams of protein and is a must for people looking for a healthy alternative to sugary sweets and a great on the go snack.

Protein Dough is your dream alternative to dunking your spoon in the Peanut Butter jar! And with less fat, more protein, and less sugar, this fudge-like dough is the healthiest way to snack in between meals or when those late-night munchies start calling your name. 

No time to cook? Don’t find yourself hangry at dinner time. Four tablespoons of protein dough is considered a meal replacement. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Twisted Dough should never be out of reach. 

How to use your Protein Dough

  • Eat it straight out of the jar. We won't tell your mom, promise!
  • Bake it in your favorite low-carb healthy breakfast/snacks.
  • Use it as frosting on muffins and cakes.
  • Blend it into your smoothie and kiss the chalky, gritty protein shake goodbye!  
  • Dunk whatever you want into it, including your finger! 
  • Even throw it on the waffle iron and you have protein waffles!

Prepare your taste buds...

Protein Dough comes in over 15 flavors - so you never have to feel like you're missing out on any of your favorite desserts.. You can be healthy and indulgent at the same time. 

Great for...

Moms on the go | Kids | People looking for healthy, high protein snacks | Celiac Disease (Gluten Free) | Bodybuilders | Bariatric Patients | Weight Watchers | Low-Carb Living | Diabetics | Keto | Vegan | People who love delicious things! 

*To Expedite Shipping and Processing - if you do not select your flavors (please double check that your flavor choices show in your cart before checkout) you will receive a random assortment of flavors*

*Images are shot in a temperature control environment. Product will shift/sink in transit and can melt when shipped to warm climates.